That Tamilians as a whole are given to hyperbole is a given. Look at the way they have a "Tiltle" for every Tom, Dick and Harry in politics and in moviedom. Politicians are strange creatures and we need not be appalled by their ways. That is how they are made.

I remember karunanidhi once took offence at being called Karunanidhi in a magazine (as though he was ashamed of his name). "People call me Karunanidhi!", he said with surprise and pain! Everyone, for all practical purposes, has forgotten his christened name and calls him Dr. kalaignar (meaning artiste).

He has not earned his doctorate. (so did MGR before him and Jayalalitha now not earn theirs). It is all honorary titles which are not to be used with name as an automatic prefix. In fact they are forbidden to do that. But like I said before politicians are a breed apart. They arm twist the universities into giving them the doctorates just for the express purpose of using them in every conceivable way. So no surprise there. They are no better than a 6 year old, gleeful at praise, only incredibly more vile.

kamal Hassan is perceived to be an enlightened being and that is how he shows-off himself. So how does he allow people to call him "universal Hero?' or, does he relish it all the same? Has conceit consumed him so much that he does not realize that he has become the laughing-stock of the enlightend minority for his hypocrisy? Not many even in India out side Tamil Nadu, Kerala, karnataka and Andhra Pradesh know him leave alone the rest of the world. Universal hero? It is a laugh.

Rajnikanth projects himself as the only superstar. (Look at the way he recently got up from his seat in the felicitation function to commemorate Kamal Hassan's 50 years in movies. The compere did not call out the name Rajnikanth but cried out aloud SUPERSTAR and Presto! Rajnikanth, as though only he could be given that nomenclature got up and went) ). His fanatical fans would kill you, were you to call any one else superstar.

He and his fans behave as if it is a registered brand name that can not be used to describe others. What idiotic notion! They forget any one anywhere could be a superstar. An exceptional cook or a fine seamstress can all be given the title superstar. Or, a bricklayer with expertise to lay one in the dark!

What a shame that I am a Tamilian. Woe be to these politicians and movie stars who brought me this shame.
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