How it would be if boddunan allow 3 most active users to put there Adsense ads in there profile page and approved articles
If some body has Approved Adsense account?

When they loose most active position then there ads will eb rmoved and other top 3 members will get that benifit.
I think every body wants to show there ads and will stay more active here.
so that boddunan will get mroe page impresions also from existing members.
It will help to earn money more and faster
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  • Re: Adding Adsens to our Profile

    by » 12 years ago

    Atul P Barapatre
    Gold Boarder
    45 793 8.15k
    See my friend these things are later work after we get approved for Google Adsense revenue sharing for our website. So our first target is to have more than 1 lakh legal page impressions and then the rest can be done as per members discussions.

    Well many of the members might not be having a active Adsense account so we have to take more care for them and follow the instruction from Google carefully.

    And Yes we will do introduce every feasible feature as per members demands.

    -Atul Barapatre

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