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12 years ago
It is a good decision.. But the alternative should also be made available to the common man.

Yesterday, when I was buying bananas, the fruit seller gave me bananas without the cover.. He asked me to carry them in my hand.. Asked him for any other means to carry...
He is cursing the government for banning the covers, saying that they would charge Rs.500 for using plastic bags again... :P :unsure:
Then I thought that the alternative for plastic bags should also be made available to everyone with affordable cost...

Thanks 'n' Regards,
Abid Areacode
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12 years ago
It is a very good movement to eradicate plastic from our country.

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Diamond Mate
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12 years ago
This is a very good decision. this will bring about very positive change in enviornment.

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Shalu Joseph
Gold Boarder
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12 years ago
hi all
it is a wise decision taken by the apex court. But the govts have to implement it ?
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12 years ago
It is better we carry our own bags for getting vegetables and fruits.I am following it for the past 1 year. :) :)
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