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  • Re: Ideas to open an article with a bang!

    by » 8 years ago

    Diamond Mate
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    One way is to revisit the first sentence after having written the article. It is also not necessary to have a strong opening sentence , but the title should be as catchy and appropriate as possible. Many topics also inhibit the possibility of composing an interesting opening sentence. But yes, while it is difficult , it is a challenge nevertheless. Strong opening has to be backed by an equally strong article !

  • Re: Ideas to open an article with a bang!

    by » 8 years ago

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    Headline has got a lot of importance in the field of Advertising. Owing to this very reason, in the Advertising agencies, a separate and a specialized post is there known as "Copy writer.". His job is to draw the readers towards the Advertising. The same thing applies to any written matter including an article.

    I agree. the title would be the most important thing. Many readers doesn't read the entire article they just skim or scan through the articles and often doesn't even read the first sentence, or even the paragraph.

    This is the case with most of the readers.. It can be rectified by using a simple, crisp and short title that forces the readers to enter in to the write up. A long title that's as big as a sentence will never drag the attention of the readers.

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