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The idiom "Lay An Egg" is rarely used in our spoken English. Today this came across while reading news paper. I hope some of our members know about it. But I wanna make aware of it to all. This idiom is used when any kind of humiliating is done during any public performances.

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 About the phrase Laying an Egg, though I know about its meaning and purpose, I too rarely use it. I use this phrase in Articles. Not in day to Day communication. It means, to produce a failure or fop


Well, I am hearing it for the first time, I have heard other idioms and phrases with 'eggs' in it, but this is a first for me. Can you tell us how this phrase is used in a sentence to convey humiliation through it?

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I must say I am a lucky person for having come across this thread. I have never hear this one anywhere but I hope I will learn more about it now. I think it has got to do something with teachers when we do something that deserves an egg.

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I too heard this for the first time in life, does anybody can elaborate more with example and sentences. so that we got clarified fully 

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When I cannot produce the desired results. one of my friends will say, " Rambabu laid an egg in this article."

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