Pankaj Kumar
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12 years ago
hi every one :)

i want you all people to help me to create a blog or a website for my ad sense approval..

;;;; :laugh:
I am a Coder and Blogger.
Currently pursuing my engineering degree and will be a software engineer in 2013..
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Abid Areacode
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12 years ago
To create a blog is very easy.Just log in to using your Gmail id and follow the steps.

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12 years ago
First you try to create two beautiful blog then apply in google adsense if contents are pure self written then approval will come soon.

Santosh Kumar Singh


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12 years ago
friend i am still not understand about this account . i am searching for it i will jelp you in future.
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12 years ago
@ Deepu

To create Blog:

1. browse

2. then there email and password column appears.

3. Just log in through those with your g mail id.

4. then you will find create blog option

5. Just click on that

6. Then you will see blog title and blog address column.

7. Fill those column which suits to the concept which you want to keep in your blog.

8. then after filling these click on continue.

9. then you will get view profile , edit profile, comment and new post option.

10. then click on new post.

11.then a new post appears with title and body.

12. At title place you need to give related title to you concept and at the body you need to write whatever you want to keep in your blog.

13. After keeping all the content then cllick on publish.

14 . there fore you blog got posted and you blog get created.

15. when you want to access your blog or give your blog address to anyone to view then you need to give the address which you specified in the blogaddress coloumn.


Now let us know about adsense.

After creating blog. you goto moniterize option and then apply for adsense by following instructions.

thats it. there fore ads will be displayed on your blog.

so then people should visit your blog and click on the ads.

then your account get credited. when it reaches the extent the adsense people kept they only send you the check.


I hope you everything is clear. I hope you understood. If you have any doubt , let me know. then i will explain you more clearly

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

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12 years ago
i have also tried it but my account was rejected. it was sad experience.
sathish kail
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12 years ago
Creating a blog is easy but you have to wait at least 6 month to apply for adsense....
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12 years ago
To get adsense aproval you need to meet its conditions then you may get approval.But now a days getting adsense account and aproval has become very tough

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

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