A Great Environmentalist

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She was unable to have any children of her own and thus, she and her husband made it their mission to plant and take care of these trees to fill the emptiness in their lives.



Saalumarada Thimmakka is an Indian environmentalist from the state of Karnataka, noted for her work in planting and tending to 284 banyan trees along a four-kilometre stretch of highway.Her work has been honored with the National Citizen's Award of India.



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    Great news. It is good to know that we have still people like them who love nature, plant saplings and protect trees like their children. Only people who are aware of the existence of the same life principle in every being can do it.

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    Both husband wife  Each morning they started from their home with four pots filled with water and watered the saplings. When the pots emptied out they refilled them from the nearby ponds and wells and continued watering the saplings while covering the whole stretch on feet and returned home doing the same thing.

     An epitome of Nobility


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