Competition is the unavoidable part in everyone’s life. It is a projection of the survival instinct by the individual.We often get encountered with competitive persons in our lives in the form of colleagues at the workplace, neighbors ,friends and even from the siblings of the family.
The ironic part of the competition is it even starts from the very childhood which is actually instilled by the parents.Parents just impose their aspirations and insecurities on their on children.Just by comparing with others in most aspects.
what if a person lose some thing in his life? is it the end of the story?.Life is not a game to win or lose it while games are the part of life. Games are designed for fun and to improve the selfconcept of a person. It’s not that the one who wins the game is the only perfect person in that particular stream and at the same time the person who lost in the game is hopeless. If that is the way one takes the result of game then where is the aspect of fun in the game? The same thing applies to the every aspect of life it might be studies,Jobs etc.

Each and every person created by the god is unique it is shown in the finger prints of an individual which never matches even accidentally with the other one.We never know or can expect what a person becomes based on his present condition. “Well facing the competition might be a cakewalk for winners and a night mare for loosers”.

We often encounter different types of competitors some compete to earn their living, some just want to prove they are superior to others,some fear the lack of resources so they act proactively at work, some kind of people have extreme sense of self-centerenessd and they can’t let others win they take failure very personally,some kind of people backstabs or pull other to any extent in order to project themselves as eligible persons.Different types of persons have different levels of maturity to understand the concept of success and failure.

Well coming to the bright side competition is not as bad as one thinks. Healthy competition is a must to achieve self concept.It is an integral part of group dynamics.One need to develop the maturity and self-confidence to handle the competition and deal with the competitors.Every disturbing problem has a solution one just need to look at it from different perspective.The solution can be attained with calm mind and working on the self concept.

Here are few tips to handle competitive persons :

  • Try to understand the intentions and motives of the competitors and if possible establish a healthy competition with mutual respect.
  • If that is not possible see to that you have enough things to do even though if the competitor is grabbing your work
  • Try to look at your back and rethink about the clues and hints you are giving to the competitor which he is using to let you down.
  • Try to understand that life is always not about winning.
  • Rethink your interests,Values,Motives and purpose to work there.
  • Never react personally to the failures only respond.
  • After all your mental health is more important for your survival and maintaining healthy relationships.

I wish you good luck in all your endeavours.


Sindhu vinaykumar MSN&M.A.Psychology

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