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  • Re: Ever wondered why is dinning table called so?

    by » 10 months ago

    Arunima Singh wrote:
    Kalyani Nandurkar wrote:
    suni51 wrote:
    usha manohar wrote:
    Arunima Singh wrote:
    anil wrote:
    usha manohar wrote:

    If we were to look back most of the inventions in any field came from either Egypt, India or China since they were the three oldest civilization s

    No doubt these civilization are oldest one. Which is more oldest it is question. I think India is most oldest civilization. These three civilization invent most of but its credit is always given to European countries.

    I am sure that it is not anyway far linked to Indian civilization. In most of the Asian countries, I think the tradition was to sit on the floor and eat. We had serving chowkis for food in front of us. Japanese still follow their tradition of sitting down and dining. 

    We still sit on the floor and have Neal's at my ancestors hone , when we all gather for festivities , 3-4 times a year is something I really look forward to !

    I have experienced this tradition during my stay in Konkani area in Goa, and some other south Indian states besides in Assam, and Bengal. I have even eaten on Banana leaf in many states sitting both on chair and kitchen floor in many states. We in north India eat sitting on floor on certain special occasions.

    At my home, we still sit on the floor for our meals. And on special occasions such as Gauri Ganpati, etc. when I have my in-laws and my mother and everyone for the Naivedya, we draw elaborate colorful rangolis around the plates and use incense sticks. It is a very pleasant affair.

    That sounds so beautiful. It really enhances the joy of eating in a traditional beautiful way. In our house, dining table is for guests only. We have a center table of Japanese style. We sit around it on the floor to have our meal.

    Things are changes otherwise in my family we all members of family have our dinner in Kitchen. My mother don't like standing kitchen, she always cook food on sitting kitchen. We all sat down near by her and she served us hot chpaties and vegetable. But time is changed, my mother is no more and I can't sit on floor, so members of family have their meals on chairs and stools. I always have my all meals on bed.

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