The night was cold and
she was cozy for me...She just
had her meal,which was not too
delicious for me but yeah i was
more excited for exploring rather
than the food.I was grown enough to
jump higher than a Rose Coneflower(small
unwanted flower).Then she cuddles me tight,
intentionally telling she will always hold me.
But i am too bored to stay in,my legs don't have
much space to stretch for.I started expanding slowly
that night.She seems to be in pain and I always know that
she is Strong.After a lot of struggle and blood all around,
 I was hit to ground with a "thud".My mommy told me a lot
about the outer cosmos.It was huge and people here care a
lot for us...She also told me that we are considered so special
for...Oh!! i am unable to open my eyes.As the cool breeze
touches my tiny stomach,I swirl and get even close to my mommy.
She caught me softly and put me inside a comfy and furry place..
I slowly went back to my thoughts and thinking when to open my
sparkling eyes...
After a long nap I started feeling kept inside a  pressure
cooker,hot and sweating.Popped out to watch around,by

that time my legs are walk-able,hands are grab-able and eyes

are open-able.I could see a yellow-orange shade tsunami clearly

approaching us,found it to be a forest fire and shook my mommy.

All my attempts to wake her up went in vein.When placed my hand

near her nostrils...

I was inert.All my limbs were shrunk and I am unable to feel senses.
That was my first sight to see her,which became the last.

I was holding her with my 2 hands and recollecting my nostalgia moments

 with her.She's looking like the most precious and beautiful thing in the world.
Every morning she collects a healthy diet for me,amongst Maple branches
are my favorite. She then takes me for a walk.Sometimes during evenings
she sits near waters and sings melodious songs for which I hymn.She says
that we were represented as the national animal for these people.She also
said they sometimes feed us.And they are maestro in goodness.But she was

wrong.They left the whole animal life to burn for ashes and simply enjoying their
donuts and nuggets watching our funeral on the TV.My version towards them changed..
All of a sudden I could hear foot steps around me,People shouting for help.A guy
just grabbed me from back and pulled me.In anger and grief I bite him.But he din't
withdrew his hand,instead he wrapped me in a small pouch which felt like my mommy's pouch
he shouted to get a water bottle for Joeys.Yes my mommy named me Joeys.I looked around..there
 were many men in huge yellow costumes,who are helping many wild and innocent animals get out of the
Orange Tsunami.The guy made me relax and took me to a safe place .After this perilous incident my view
again changed.Not every homo(man)is dangerous.And not only me but u should also have patience and trust in god
to see the real and reality.Finally the vans started with a big rainfall at my birth place.Hope all the species
including my mommy will rest in peace..

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