Fiction Behind Divorce

There are so many causes for divorce between husband and wife, but there is a fiction of natural law working behind of any cause may rare people known about it. Husband or husband’s’ relatives and wife or wife’s relatives blaming each other for causing of divorce. There are so many causes for divorce between husband and wife.

Some of those may discuss.

1-Wife can not tolerate to husband’s family or husband can not tolerate to wife’s family.
2-Wife or husband keeps unapproved physical relation with other.
3- Less dowry at time of marriage .

4- Low income or professional position of husband or wife.

5- Drug addicted by husband or wife.
6- Physical brutality of husband or wife,

7-Ugly figure of husband or wife,

8-Birthing more female or male children.

9- Can not tolerate wife or husband’s behavior.

10- Less physical satisfaction etc.

11-Husband or wife can not tolerate each other weakness day to day life. 

Any cause of divorce can be solved by following way.

1- Positive environment people counseling both husband and wife in primary stage of dispute.
2-Keep family friendship with positive people.Because environment positive impulses having potentiality to release the negative bonds of mind flow.
3-Husband and wife both heartily follow the principle of living ideal of own community. It will help to improve the consciousness and realize the complexes impact within, which is fascinating one to become aggressive or rigid to intolerance to other or passionate hankering towards sex or other contemporary materials possession as per society demands.

4-Higher conscious blessings by own community's living Ideal can recognize own negative attitudes or complexes bonded thoughts, and can find out the solution of every reverse situation of environment and amuse the life .This is the fiction of natural law ,and cores and cores husbands and wives suffering from anxiety or depression for it, rather getting happy from marriage life.
5-Marriage means becoming in every respect with generating good child for self and society. But husband and wife are getting vain in divorce case and life long suffering from anxiety, depression and stigma.
6-Therefore preachers or attraction people of any community keep emphasis in this regard and counseling husband and wife to stop divorce or cancel the divorce and mingle each other for peace and happy society.






Madhu Sudana Parida 

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