I just came across a faith based incident shared by a friend, which reminded me of how well "faith" actually did work for my mother and the whole family a long time ago. I come from a moderately conservative family where having a girl child was good but having a male child meant a balanced and peaceful life for parents. After giving birth to two of their daughters, my parents were ready to try how nature favours them the third time. 

My mother is rather too religious and firmly believes in God. There is a religious shrine back in my hometown, called "Baba Reshi" which is quite known for fulfilling the visitor devotees' wishes. My mother visited this place to pray for a baby boy when her delivery date was approaching. And right from that day, mysterious things started to happen. Just one day later, a mad woman showed up at  our door asking for some water. My mother offered her some and the mad woman didn't even take a single sip from the offered glass. All she said was "I was looking for you since morning, God asked me to tell you that he heard every single word of yours yesterday" and she immediately left. My mother was awestruck and couldn't understand what she was talking about.
The following incidents were even more surprising. My mother started to have same dream almost every night. In her dreams, she saw the room's floor getting cracked and a huge Shivlinga coming out of it. Though we are Hindus and do believe in all the hindu deities, my mother was no strict worshiper of Shiva and thus these kind of repetitive dreams were surprising her. 
A couple of days later, one of our non hindu acquaintances visited home to see my mom and said that she had a dream where somebody asked her to come to our house and tell my mother to name her yet to be born son "Shiva". 

A week later, my baby brother was born :) ..I must tell you that despite being in a non vegetarian family of ours, my brother could never eat meat, or eggs ever.. even if we forced him to do so, he would immediately puke. He has been so religious even as a little kid. He has grown up to be a young boy now and yes.. we did name him Shivam (though the 'm' was not asked for :P)

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