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This is becoming a mess for everyone. Specially in India, covid -19 is a topic which has many meanings. for some people it's profit, for some people it's opportunity, and for some its the end of everything that exists. its a huge difficult task to be patient and wait for some miracle that will make everything back to normal. So the story starts like this, March 2020, I had my 12th board exams, which were put on hold. 100 patients were found, and the honorable prime - minister declared the lockdown for 21 days. that night, i was happy, dancing with my dad, that my exams have been postponed. but i didn't knew that things are going to get worse. people in my area were dying in a great quantity. i heard the sound of ambulance everyday. sometimes we woke up at 2 or 3 am, and got to know that someone has died nearby our society. we would hear the screams and voices of crying wife, mother, sister. this was terrifying.

after a couple of months, the central board of secondary education released a press notice that due to the pandemic, they are not able to conduct rest of the papers. which was not a good news. because the marks were going to be given on average basis. and as expected many students failed. and many students passed by average marks. although central board of secondary education released another notice saying about the retest. but it was not possible for many as the colleges started admission process. the fees for such institutions, made many people to take loans from whatever sources were available. but if you think that people dying or paying fees or EMI's was the biggest problem, actually you are right but there were much bigger problems than this. i mean there are. people dying is a big issue but surviving was bigger problem. as if you want to be alive you need to be at your home. but even if you stay at home, you need to EMI's, you need to pay rents, light bills, water bills, maintenance, and more. why to think such big issues, lets see towards the very basic problem, and that is that you need to buy food. and as we all know there no such thing, that you will get food for free. stat shows 40,000 people died out of starvation in this pandemic period. 

it seemed like, nature was trying to teach us something. Earlier, there many campaigns for saving trees, cleaning ganga, stop pollution, save water. but in india nothing worked that impactfully, but the curfew worked. the hole in the o-zone layer has been vanished. air pollution reduced to drastic level. Himalaya was visible from cities nearby. people from near by localities said that this was happened after decades. the covid came with a warning that we must not mess with our mother nature. 

many people miles away from their home town. and this was the heartbreaking situation. they to didn't had shelters upon their head. small kids with their parents were lying on footpaths and road. a group of laborers started which started walking towards their home from Maharashtra to U.P, Bihar and M.P. which is almost 2000 to 3000 km distance. and here entered a real life hero. SONU SOOD. who decided to help people reach their home free of cost. he managed flights and buses. he worked day and night, to make this possible. 

but, as i said, if there are heroes, so there will be villains too. the prices for basic commodities rise to its peak. petrol and gold showed their value as they were near to extinct. frauds were introduces in this period only. people dealing for medicines, oxygen cylinders, beds foe patients. the price for bed reached 20,000 bugs per day and 50,000 deposit. this is the price for a house you want to get on rent. we all have suffered. but earning from putting other people's problem is disgusting. 

I have to accept it, that lockdown made a lot of opportunities. it was a meditation to find our own selves. reading and exploring new sites, doubled the knowledge i had. this was the time when i understood what life actually is. we need to understand that everything happens for a specific reasons. we need to face our challenges and not run from it. 

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