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A narrow path encompasses infinite perplexities. It is often considered as a journey of numerous quagmires. Such a path carries with it a taboo of social deprivation, greater incident of failures and the least possible outcomes. Owing to which the norms of the society labels such a measure as the least undertaken one. Moreover the playing safe approach of considering the comfort rich broader path often leads to a common disorder of following the herd mentality. Since the comfortable broader path is credited as the zone of the masses, with a minimal distinction from the routine daily life. Such a measure has been found appealing, owing to the risk, minimality and the stay safe phenomenon. However these easy path won’t result in a life truly fulfilling one.

The comfortable circumstances which the broader path offers would not offer the necessary challenges to showcase one’s own skill set. Just like a smooth drive does not develops a skilled rider, a comfortable life deprived of grievances can be correlated to a wasteland with little vegetation. Leading a sedentary lifestyle would offer minimal contribution to the development of the mankind. Tracing back the historical roots would open up a plethora of successful endeavors which are achieved by taking risks and heading towards a difficult but exquisite way of living. Shedding some light of the multiple benefits which a narrow path offers. It can be concluded that a difficult path is often credited with numerous growth prospects. Enlisting some of the advantages are:

1. A developed lifestyle: It is only under dire circumstances an individual furnishes the best performances. Such opportunities can be derived in the tedious journey of a narrow path.

2. Furnished skillset: An individual requires over the top skill set to counter the common difficulties encountered in their journey. It can be developed in a more appropriate manner only if the situation offered is an uphill task to be conquered.

3. An ocean of opportunities: Hurdles and opportunities co-exist together and exhibit total synergism. Thus it has been rightly said that both aspects work hand in hand.

4. Minimal competition and First mover advantage: As the followers of a narrow path are the one’s, which considers the difficult route. It is pretty much evident that there would be lower no. of participants in such venture and greater success rate. Also the successful individuals would account for the first mover advantage. As there would be no following of the blind masses.

Looking back into the historical evidences it can be identified that the most successful individuals, organizations and consortiums were the ones which exhibited such marvelous traits of not blindly following the masses, but by choosing their own path of thinking differently. Before embracing success, those stalwarts had to face multiple perplexities on their journey towards a purposeful life. But the aforesaid qualities which were imbibed in their respective journey gave them the grit to be more resilient in their approaches. Moreover the path which were considered as a taboo by the society were utilised in an appropriate way by them, which eventually paved a brighter future for the entire human race.

To conclude, we were constantly bombarded by the society to follow the masses else we would end up in a quagmire. However on deep analysis it can be derived that it is the path less followed, a difficult opportunity which are mostly avoided by the common world reaps rich fruits. Hence it should always be a priority to look after the difficult circumstances from a better perspective and convert those grievances into a valuable opportunity.     

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