Life kitni unexpected hoti h hm chahte h vo hota nhi....or jo kbhi expect bhi na kiya ho vo aaise hota hai jaise bin mosam barsaat.Or in sab k bich aajaati h hmari kbhi aapse kisi or ki hurt hojati h or kbhi kisi or se aapki.Or usse bhi bura tab lgta h ....jb koi smjh nhi pata ...what actually you aap kitna hurt hue ho.Aaisa lagta h jaise koi smjh hi nhi rha.....or smjhra h toh galt....or koi Shi smjh rha h toh....vo bs smjh rha h aapko ....nhi smjha rha😅

And in the have toh move on with a fake smile because now you know no one really cares😌


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What type of books do you trawl for?

In a store or on the internet, I end up looking up cookery books more than any thing else followed by books on gardening. What do you look for?
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