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You might have seen in history about brutal human beings have gone, for example only the torture done by Hitler on Jewish people 

he slaughtered many of them and the remaining became the part of horrible experiments done by the Germans, these are just very few examples that are discussed worldwide but it is just a small bucket from the vast sea, You might have seen true crime stories, Execution videos, These type of violent videos often goes viral, It's because somewhere the human violence attract us

Violence has been with us for decades even in the modern world we can always see riots taking place around us where the particular person let his/her emotions and sentiment take over them, The recent riot was really bad, Was it for human rights? no, Was it for the scarcity of water or food? no, Was it demand for proper education? Still a no, The reason behind the riots was a religious conflict which might sound dumb but these types of riots are often seen in India 

Why does this type of religious conflict take place? The easy answer is the political influence the ministers and politicians leave on a particular person, They manipulate and create their own community, I've seen a lot of times how some ministers take god's name and compare it to themselves but I won't go in deep as this article is all about human violence

So, are we born with it, or something or some kind of environment makes us like that? What is the basic difference between a serial killer and a normal person and what makes the normal person break all the human boundaries and do such a horrific thing

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