Girl Next Door

You're about to find why it sounds a little venereal when you tell someone there's a girl living next door. Now, we obviously know that there is an emphasis that applies to all genders, but here we are only going to see what's so different about perceptions of an adult human female being. 

The story of Arvind and Poorna are combinations of some live episodes. Let us see what they have to tell us.

Episode 1:

Arvind, project engineer has taken up a new job in a new city from his home town. He is single. All his friends are settled back home and he is all alone in Chennai. Arvind has taken a flat all for himself. He is all pumped up to continue his career in a different city. It's 8:00 AM and Arvind has suited up with formals for his joining day. He steps out of his house and oops.. he has forgotten to take his car key. He runs up taking the stairs as he lives in first floor and opens the door in haste. He realizes the door isn't locked and there is a woman sitting on bed with a book in hand. She is shocked to see a man running inside with sweaty shirt. Yup, Arvind has entered the wrong house. He is stunned in silence. He doesn't know how to react to the situation. Arvind pats his forehead with a grin leaves the girl in house with an apology. Somehow he gets inside his house correctly and this time, takes his car keys drives and reaches his office on time even though he had an embarrassing morning with a bump-in situation. His day was all about making a great first impression on the first day of his office but The minute after he stepped inside his neighbor's house, it has only been about his first impression with his neighbor. 

Stay tuned for next episode..

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