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one year ago

In this era of Facebook and Instagram where people are hiding behind filters and serving something totally different than reality the importance of self-love, self-care and self- acceptance has increased more than ever before. We and our society are getting influenced by the fake realities and set very high standards for ourselves which are sometimes not possible for us to achieve and thus leaves us hating ourselves for what we are. At that moment of criticizing and looking down on ourselves we forget that everyone has flaws, even those people who we want to be like.

Self-love plays a very critical role in these times and for loving your true self the first step is to accept yourself as you are with your positives as well as your negatives. Before fixing or achieving anything in the outer world, accepting your inner self in very essential.

You have to stop judging yourself and learn to accept all your flaws and try to understand that no one is perfect, everyone has flaws, everyone makes mistakes. You don’t have to be too hard on yourself for not achieving your goal rather you should be happy for at least trying, for challenging yourself, for coming out of your comfort zone and for growing.

For introducing Self-love in your life you have to move slowly, it is a gradual process it will not come overnight. You will have to practice a few things on daily basis: You have to take away your focus from other people to yourself, just blur out the people who make you feel insecure and simply focus on yourself. Always remember that everyone is unique, you don’t have to be like anyone else you just have to be yourself. You are not competing with anyone else, your competition is with yourself, you have to focus on your progress and become the best version of yourself. Be your own best friend and never give up on yourself.

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