Love chatting with your friends on facebook and want to stay connected on social networking? Now you can do all this and not even worry about spending money on internet usage. Singapore-based software applications developer, U2opia Mobile, has developed a new application for mobile phones that will
allow them to access Facebook on all kinds of handsets, without paying for a data connection.
Unstructured Supplementary Data (USSD) is the technology used by telecom players to send alerts to their users. The technology will help users send and view updates on their friends’ Facebook walls. U2opia launched this application on Tuesday with telecom major Bharti Airtel.

While Airtel customers can update their Facebook status through this USSD service free of cost, Rs1 per day will be applicable for accessing the full-feature application, which enables viewing news feeds, commenting on or liking news feed stories, posting on friends’ walls, confirming friend requests, viewing notifications and adding friends.
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