Stray dog-related problems and the debate over a solution in the city have reached such levels that the Animal Welfare Board of India and voluntary organisations like the Voice of Stray Dogs and Blue Cross India have come together to speak on the issues of dislocation and culling of dogs in Bengaluru.

The panel advocated the need to strengthen animal birth control and anti-rabies programmes which are under threat of being altered or discontinued, in order to address the issue of the dog menace in the city. Speaking to the media here on Wednesday, Amala Akkineni, actress and a member of AWBI said “Culling or displacing dogs do not only flout laws but also fail to curb stray-dog related incidents. Well-designed programmes like animal birth control and anti rabies (ABC+AR) that include sterilisation and rabies vaccination are the way forward. Responsible ownership and civic participation in maintaining sanitation levels in the city will help Bengaluru stay free of the stray dog menace.
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Should India maintain any sort of relationship with Pakistan

India took many steps in order to maintain peace between India and Pakistan.But all were in vain. Pakistan continued to play deadly games creating destruction in India in various ways.
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