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  • Re: Survivor of 26/11 attack

    by » 8 years ago

    It is considered that Dog is man's best friend. But what man has gifted a dog is a bullet shot that teared its muscles. I am talking about a dog called Sheru which was also one of the victims of 26/11 attack but it was rescued and treated. Kasab has not even spared a dog in his mad race to kill everyone. :angry:

    He is really a bad person. I had no words to compare this type of guy.

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  • Re: Survivor of 26/11 attack

    by » 8 years ago

    hi rajani
    i really loved this thread. like those ones shown in your profile picture, dogs are really cute and lovely pets. I love them a lot.
    i have a dog at my home. her name is micky. she is now 12 years old.

    I too love dogs @Sandhya but do not own it like you. :)

    that may be the reason why you are keeping these two puppies as your pets :cheer: :cheer:
    really cute puppies.....yet that kid was the best :cheer:

    Actually some problem coming to upload that picture so I thought to change the avtar image.. and my next favorite one is puppies after that kid.. :)

  • Re: Survivor of 26/11 attack

    by » 8 years ago

    Rajni did he intentionally shot the dog?. :blink:

    I don't know if he did but for a person who was on mission to kill people would not have worried much to shot a dog. :blink: :)

    The mission itself was intentionally done.. So he must have intentionally injured it as two other dog were killed on the spot. They were not rooming on the road to be get killed accidentally.

    Hmmm... may be he thought he may not get caught by those dogs that's why shot them. Anyways he has given the punishment for what he did. :blink:

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