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  • Re: Article Section Suspended

    by » 4 years ago

    Hi sunil,

    This is really a sad news and i came back to this site after long gap and i thought of posting some Articles. But, its a total disappointment for me. 

    Hope admin will start the article section soon.


  • Re: Article Section Suspended

    by » 4 years ago

    The article section is suspended for time being even if it allows you to submit your posts. Therefore, you should submit your articles only if you are not expecting any payment against them. 

    Note- The articles submitted until 7th April will be paid.

    Thank You.

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    Thank you said by: usha manohar

  • Re: Article Section Suspended

    by » 4 years ago

    suni51 wrote:
    Shampa Sadhya wrote:

    @suni51 once again requesting to know from you that the article section will remain open till 7th April for all or not. Now, when my son's exam is almost over I can definitely try to finish a few articles.   

    I cannot assure you about extended week but if you can still post (if the site's system lets you post) do it before 7th of April please. 

    @suni51 Sorry, I failed to complete any article due to various issues. Another point is I got a bit perturbed as my payment is still due. There is so much delay in payment so putting in extra effort for nothing will be a huge loss. 


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