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  • Re: How relevant are the by poll results?

    by » 4 years ago

    epraneeth77 wrote:

    I think Yogi style of functioning isn't working, he has been known for being a controverisal leader from the past & it seems to be reflecting in the results of by elections.

    Even the farmers federation protest for farm loan waiver & their plea for receiving Minimum support price is raising its voice through 10 days stoppage of vegetables & fruits from 7 states is not a good indication to go by.

    I think the government is in a very tight situation right now with only 273 seats which is closer to the half way 270 mark to be in government. That is a very clear indication that people are not happy with just scam less govt & major reforms but they want to see some benefit at the common man level like job creation, farm loan waiver, Minimum support price, common man expenses decreasing.

    The government is focusing on Infrastructure, digital initiatives, Swachh Bharat, Defecation free programme, Jan Dhan Yojana, Subsidy transfer to rural women but it looks like it also needs to focus on the more immediate things such as job creation, MSP & reduction in common man expenses

    Though the government has done very good progress when compared to previous governments as the statistics themselves show that the work speed of Modi government is more than Congress government but it should have focused on immediate requirements first & then give 2nd importance to go for long term benefits.

    Somewhere in managing short term, long term benefits & criticising opposition government, the government seems to have lost its shine in the eyes of common man & farmers. It is a tough road ahead for sure but if the United Opposition falls before 2019 elections, the situation should become better for BJP.

    If BJP wins in 2019 elections it should give top priority in setting things right by giving priority to Farmers MSP, Loan waiver, Job creation & reduction in common man expenses, undertake less major reforms as more major reforms will it a big blow from common man.

    You have raised very relevant points.BJPhas wrong priorities and these need change. But damage is done and BJP may well bite the Dustin 2019.

  • Re: How relevant are the by poll results?

    by » 4 years ago

    anil wrote:
    MG Singh wrote:

    Blaming Yogi leads no where. I had mentioned earlier after my visit to Lucknow after Gorakhpur defeat that people are disenchanted with BJP and it wont win more than 20 seats in UP. The writing is on the wall and Modi has to shoulder the blame like a man.

    If BJP wont win more than 20 seat is coming general election that it is impossible for him to make government. Country prepared for a "Khcidi" government which have more stones than rice and pules.

    We have to accept it if people want it.

  • Re: How relevant are the by poll results?

    by » 4 years ago

    Yogi or Modi had no control over the result in this by-election especially in two constituencies of UP where a particular community is in majority+ Dalits+ Jat+ Yadavas + communists and few traditional votes of congress came under one umbrella. I don't think this trend will go on unless the main opposition parties to decide to merge and form a single party. That's next to impossible and the next general election will bring an interesting scene. A colorful stage is set and we all will watch a wonderful drama next year.    

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    Thank you said by: epraneeth77

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