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  • Re: Rahul Gandhi - A bag full of lies and misinformation

    by » 3 weeks ago

    jabeen wrote:
    Kalyani Nandurkar wrote:
    jabeen wrote:
    Kalyani Nandurkar wrote:

    Making tall claims and false promises such as ensuring that poor get 72000 per years etc. will only help increase lackadaisical attitude that Indians are plagued with ever since they started getting reservations and all manners of subsidies. Instead of helping people get on their feet, they are asking people to lie back and find sustenance in easy charities. Also, is he going to open his and his families coffers and release money that they have been stealing from us? He should make that clear as well!

    Exactly. A true leader should help the people to be hardworking people who are self sufficient. Offering freebies especially when they are physically and mentally capable of working will only turn them into a nation of beggars.

    I am reminded of an article I once read about a village a few kilometres from Delhi. It seems the whole villagers resort to begging  in train and other streets even though they are healthy enough to work. They do so because even though a few curse them, others give them alms and money easily. With politicians offering freebies , the nation is in danger of turning into a bunch of lackadaisical people.

    My god Jabeen, is it true about that village?? It really goes to show that people lose self-respect and dignity for money, especially when it is free or ill-earned! What Modi is doing is helping people to become more skilled and self-sufficient so that they reap benefits over a period of time than just get money for a short period. But people do not seem to realise that and only are concerned about prices of dal, rice, etc. Congress has made people fall into this habit and therefore, we see hordes of unemployed youth with useless degrees that are of no help in real world. While Modi is actually promoting and encouraging youth to pick up useful skill sets and pursue gainful employment.

    Yeah, its true. I read about it many years ago. I have forgotten the name of the village but I remember reading that most of the villagers are professional beggars and don't feel embarrass about it. 

    Every city have slums. Peoples living is these are not less than beggars. I spend more than 10 years there so I know about them. They are perfect in some work like white washing etc, but they like to spend their life on peoples give them.

    Thank you said by: epraneeth77

  • Re: Rahul Gandhi - A bag full of lies and misinformation

    by » 22 hours ago

    Rahul Gandhi has become a habitual liar.  This time he has again invited some real issues by lying about Supreme Court in Rafael deal.  Now he is in big trouble as he has gone lying and defaming the top court of the country. 

    I am open to experience what life's mystery bag holds for me

    Thank you said by: Kalyani Nandurkar

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