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5 years ago
Arunima Singh wrote:
Kalyani Nandurkar wrote:

I have been watching the analyses and opinions of numerous experts and what stood out the most in all those opinions was how Modi stood out amongst everyone because of the work he has done during the last 5 years. Even Rajat Sharma was nothing but all praise for him. Most heartwarming was the opinion and the ground reality that was reported by Ruchi Kumar of India TV. she said that she was on the road for the last couple of months, covering the campaigns etc. and the most noticeable thing in the Hindi belt was the presence of toilets that were built only during the BJP regime. Before that, women and young girls faced too many hardships, they had to wait until darkness to go and do their natural business, they had to endure a lot of eve-teasing and taunting by stupid men who had no work but just hang around waiting for women to go attend their natures' call. Now that they got toilets outside their homes, all this hardship and nightmares ended. Ruchi reported that while the homes were very insignificant, tiny houses, some even just one-roomed, the toilets were lovingly tended and painted in multiple colours by these women. So much difference a humble thing such as a toilet has made in the lives of these women. It is sad to think that 70 years of freedom failed miserably on so many counts for these poor simple people. We, in the cities hardly think about such things. But Modi thought of them and that has made a world of difference to thousands of people. That is why he deserved to win!

I have myself visited my state of UP and my husband's native in Bihar and Jharkhand. There is noticeable change on ground. 

It was not a rocket science that Modi implemented. I wonder how for 70 long years post independence we could not address the basic need and rights of people. 

And surprisingly those who criticized Modi as PM for Adani and Ambani never talked about it. Modi's vote share increased among rural voters and women. This is clear befitting reply to all those critics.

Congress and other opposition parties are failed to understand this small things. Once Sachin poilote said that country can't ruled with making of toilets. In last five years more than one crore family got LPG connection free of cost. May be all are not using them but cylinder is before their eyes. In last five years electricity reached is small village after freedom. These tasks are may be small for  people but these are important.

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