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  • Re: Historical verdict

    by » 3 years ago

    The 2019 mandate is certainly a historic verdict. People of India have rejected the politics of sheer negativity and fake narratives and voted for nationalism, positive attitude of NDA, development agenda and national security and also a strong leadership in name of PM Modi. 

    Some people says that people have voted for NDA and PM Modi because there was no better option and they're right. If we look at the leaders of opposition in comparison to PM Modi, there was not a single leader of that stature. 

    One of crucial reasons behind this grand victory is suicidal conducts of opposition after Balakot Air Strike. It was a very sensitive atmosphere throughout the nation due to barbaric terrorist attack on BSF jawans in Pulawama. Every Indian was in pain and waiting for steps to be taken for revenge. Then, after 12 days, Air Strike was conducted on terror camps located in the borders of Pakistan. Every Indian was happy of this strike as it caused a heavy damages to terrorists and it was perfect revenge for Pulwama.

    After Air Strike, the respect and trust in Modi Govt. got enhanced and popularity boosted very high level. It was the time when even opposition, keeping the political differences away, was supposed to stand together with the Govt. and speak in one language but what actually pursued by them was shocking. Opposition started questioning the intention of our own Govt. and Prime Minister and they even started supporting the language used by Pakistan to attack the Govt. which was in my opinion suicidal conduct. 

    Opposition thinks that people of India are fool but they themselves have found to be fool and forgot to understand the ground reality that people nowadays are more informed and smarter than they think in the era of internet and social media. No patriotic Indian can tolerate the attitude of politicising issues concerning national security and questioning the bravery of India's brave soldiers in name of asking for proof of Air Strike and Surgical Strike. 

    Second Suicidal conduct of Opposition was to make serious allegations of Corruption and favouritism on Govt and PM Modi on Rafale despite clean chit from Supreme Court. People are not fool and if you're making allegation and slogans like "Chowkidar Chor Hai'', then people also demands evidence as well. The one the most embarrassing moment for opposition was when Rahul Gandhi was compelled by Hon'ble Supreme Court to ask for unconditional written apology of Court for misquoting Supreme Court in Rafale Verdict. Clearly, this was the major embarrassment for opposition and their attempt to malign image of PM Modi failed drastically.

    The third suicidal conduct of Opposition was to starting to doubt the credibility of the EVM machines after 5 or 6 phases of elections were over. It created an image of opposition in minds of people that opposition has now accepted their defeat in this elections and now they're preparing for cover to hide their defeat and will blame EVMs for it. However, it was insult of mandate of people and also no clear evidence was there in support of these allegations. People were already tired of negative politics on each and every issue and also these allegations were also found to be false each and every time they have been tested whether by Judiciary or any other competent bodies.


    So, It was surely a historical mandate in support of agenda of development, fight against terrorism, corruption etc. and against the agenda of negative politics, tukde tukde gang and their supporters.  

  • Re: Historical verdict

    by » 3 years ago

    Saurav Banerjee wrote:
    Arunima Singh wrote:

    India needs a lot of genuine work to be done in Primary education and health care.  And it's not about having schools but also having infrastructure and trained teachers.  These two things are crucial for a good development of any country.  Building IITs and IIMs are not so significant for development of education.  I personally feel that a quality primary education should reach maximum children.  That will lay foundation for a well informed educated society. 

    I believe quality teachers are present all over India. However, the problem is the method of teaching right from the grass root level. It's still nowhere near the European model where too much theoretical content is never dumped upon children. The government should address this at all levels and restructure the education system in order to create a truly educated and responsible society.

    I totally agree with you. A lot needs to be done to make our education system suited for children of all kinds and intelligence. More and more emphasis should be given on multisensory approach to learning. Education becomes like a task and burden on children and holds no interest for them. 

    We have quality teachers all over the country. Unfortunately teachers especially at primary and elementary level are not paid well. This is a big demotivating factor for eligible and good people not opting for teaching as their first choice of career.

    I am open to experience what life's mystery bag holds for me

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