usha manohar
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3 years ago

67 is no age to die but Sushma Swaraj who has been ailing since almost a decade left us yesterday. Her last tweet indicated that she was happy and contented with what had happened in Kashmir. It is extremely unfortunate that she passed away so suddenly because she was a dynamic personality who made a difference to many lives both in India and elsewhere and would have continued to do so had she lived a few more years. It is our loss that she left us so early...she will be remembered with a lot of love and respected and missed by all...peace be with you Madame Sushma 

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Platinum Mate
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3 years ago

One of the most responsive personality for a common man, where one can easily say that she is our family member kind, a name that will be etched in the heart and mind of people all over.

Her dedication, consistency and her passion towards her work is simply unparalleled. A dignified personality and an Indian to the core, with the kind of attires she wore, truly represented our Country in the most gracious manner possible.

A 2nd mother after biological mother to all Indians.

Miss her.

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3 years ago

I read it in newspaper. It is shock for Indian. After kidney implant her heath was not good so in this general election she refused to compete election. May her soul rest in peace.

Suny Ag
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3 years ago

I have no words to describe my feelings. She was one of the most respected ladies in Indian politics. She was most loved and also she loved to all. There are innumerable stories of her kindness and help to people in problem in India and abroad. May God rest her soul in peace.  

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Kalyani Nandurkar
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3 years ago

She was the perfect example of an educated, cultured and graceful Indian lady. An example of how you do not have to shun your cultural values and traditions in order to appear modern and progressive. I guess in spite of being so gentle and humble in nature yet possess an iron will in her beliefs and conduct,she probably was one of the best and toughest politicians in the whole world. May she find in peace!

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Arunima Singh
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3 years ago

A great orator and a tall leader, her journey in politics will be inspiring for generations to come. She performed well in all responsibilities that she was given in her journey ans has left an impact and mark behind. Twitter is pouring with emotions of all common man whose life has been touched by her work as a minister in last tenure of Modi Government. Such an eloquent speaker and a lady who had such good command over different languages like Hindi, English, Sanskrit and Punjabi. She was one of the few leaders who never used foul language in politics. Even her fiercest remarks against rivals came strong but with grace. It's a great loss for Nation. May her soul rest in peace!

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