Hi there welcome back again to my article . So after a year long fight with the corona pandemic which we fought last year and when the cases drastically fell down to some mere numbers as compared to when they were at peak during the september period all of us thought that finally the corona period has come to its end. Little did we knew that it was only the interval or as we say the peace before the storm . We were already getting the news about the virus being attacking the people of England and other countries and they experiencing the second wave of covid . But we ignored the fact that initially the covid started at Wuhan ,China and then spread-ed to our country  so this new strain of virus which appeared in the England and other countries could also affect us if people started moving and coming to India this new strain might infect us 

And guess what the same thing happened here also . Currently we are experiencing the second wave of covid -19 and the cases are increasing and becoming more lethal than the first wave . 

There are many possibilities which could have led to this but the main one which scientists are confident about is the            MUTATION . Yes basically the virus had undergone a mutation which made it more resistant and lethal as compared to the first strain (although the death rate is less but the transmission rate is very high as compared to the first wave ). There could be other possibilities also but this one was the most satisfactory reason behind the world experiencing the second wave of covid . Because it is a known fact to the scientists that the virus can easily mutate themselves . 

Lock down may be to some extend can stop the transmission of virus ( only if applied strictly ) but these are all temporary measures which may not help in stopping the virus permanently 

One such possible measure could be to increase the rate of vaccination and get the healthcare workers and the elderly to get vaccinated as soon as possible and also regulating the regulations such as wearing masks and social distancing and washing of hands regularly . 

If one gets infected with covid also he/she should not get panicked and  must maintain the social distancing norms  unless he/she is in a critical condition (then rush to the hospital).

So in conclusion this mutated virus which were are currently experiencing must be eradicated with vaccination and till then we must aware ourselves about the virus.


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