Hooliganism reared its head once again on Tuesday when the Ruling party MLAs clashed with the Opposition MLAs in the Bihar Assembly.

The clash started at 2 pm when Assembly reassembled after two adjournments. The opposition members, who continued to demand the resignation of Nitish Kumar-led NDA government, stormed into the well holding placards and shouting slogans. The MLAs of opposition parties were countered by the NDA MLAs in the well. Earlier the speaker had rejected two adjournment motions brought by opposition members on the alleged irregularity in the withdrawal of over Rs 11 thousand crore from the treasury without any accounting. The government said it was ready for a debate in the House over the issue.

Prema Choudhray, an RJD MLA complained that four to five members of ruling alliance, including ministers, attempted to twist her arm and pin her down in the well of the House.

The RJD, LJP, Congress and Left party legislators did not allow the House to do any business. They carried placards which read, "Khazana chor, gaddi chhor", "Khazana loot ki andhi aayi, Nitish, Modi mausere bhai."

On the other hand some NDA MLAs showed placards which read, "Congress nahi corruption hai" and "Jo sarkar mahngai na roke, woh sarkar nikammi hai."

Once again it has been proved that the world's second largest democracy is being ruled by comedy circus artists and hooligans!!

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

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