The Pakistan army under General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani is sponsoring a large-scale guerrilla war through Afghan proxies to keep India out of Afghanistan, according to a Canadian diplomat and former deputy head of the UN mission in Kabul. Chris Alexander, who was Canada's ambassador in Kabul from 2003

to 2005 and later deputy of the UN mission until 2009, said Gen. Kayani is calling the shots on Afghanistan and prepared to support suicide attacks in Afghanistan's cities.
The Pakistani general has even told President Hamid Karzai that he can broker a peace deal with the Taliban - only if Indian consulates in Afghanistan are closed.

Writing in the Globe and Mail under the title 'The huge scale of Pakistan's complicity,' Alexander said, "The Pakistan army under Gen. Kayani is sponsoring a large-scale, covert guerrilla war through Afghan proxies - whose strongholds in Balochistan and Waziristan are flourishing. Their mission in Afghanistan is to keep Pashtun nationalism down, India out and Mr. Karzai weak.

"The principal drivers of violence are no longer, if they ever were, inside Afghanistan... ISI is the main driver of the conflict... Gen. Kayani and others will deny complicity. But as the WikiLeaks material demonstrates, their heavy-handed involvement is now obvious at all levels,'' the Canadian diplomat said.

Because of this policy, he said "reconciliation has failed to get off the ground: the Pakistan-based Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan - the official name for the Taliban and its allies - clearly prefer to fight.'' Without Pakistani military support, "the Islamic Emirate's combat units would collapse like a house of cards. Peace and reconciliation would prosper,'' he said.
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