Pehasu ( Bulandshahr ). Boyfriend suspected of having illicit relationship with a woman in the village become a devil 's widow sitting Lalnear . She sleep on Tuesday night the woman was badly wounded him Udezlkar acid . Widows have been reported against the killings .Palledar injured woman 's husband is in the market . Tuesday night he was sleeping with her family outside the home .

Nearly half the village at night and he arrived there as a widow 's wife 's clothes on the bed sleeping Palledar poured acid on genitals removed . Women 's screaming out the widow at her husband 's attacker tried to grab , but she escaped. Pain Karahti woman was taken to Community Health Center . Wednesday morning the station Palledar Tahrir against the widow said.Thanadhyksha Surrjan Usha Singh against the widow have been reported . He said a man from the village of Aurora illicit relations. Widow woman suffering from suspected that her boyfriend is too concerned . He gave it to carry out revenge killings
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Is relationship important for people now a days than money?

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