Jalgaon (Maharashtra)-based agro, pipes, processed foods and irrigation major Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd (JISL), which has won Unesco's Water Conserver Award and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) honour for its inclusive, sustainable business model, has been working with small farmers in Haiti and has now been invited by several African nations to help them out. The firm is working with the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation and Coca-Cola for developing a business model for small farmers.

Dilip Kulkarni, president Agro Foods, Jain Irrigation, who was in Boston last week to present the company's business model at an agriculture symposium at the Harvard Business School, said: 'We have developed a technology for mango production in Haiti where Coca-Cola is launching a beverage called Haiti Hope.'

Along with Kulkarni, two farmers from Maharashtra, Hemchandra Dagaji Tatya and Rajendra Hari Patil, also shared their experiences and presented their success story in using technology for agriculture at the Harvard Business school.

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