its being game,3 days left to complete year and 33 members less to complete 5000 member on boddunan in year 2009. so what you say friend it will complete or not.

Santosh Kumar Singh


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4978 have already registersd on Boddunan. only 22 are left to complete 5000 mark.

Harish Jharia
I think we are going to hit 5000 mark today before the date 18 December 2009 changes...

Harish Jharia

5000 - 4977 is not 3 .. Its 23 ...

Anyway i'm sure we can make it..

Now we have one more member...

4978 now.....

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Hey I have corrected it... not that poor in Maths. It was a slip.

Harish Jharia
I think we will make it before time. What do you say friends??

now its only 17 left to complete 5000.
so its sure that boddunan will celebrate new year with more than 5000 members
Santosh we are just 14 member behind I think we will definitely cross this one and we will have more than 5000 members before 31st december
slowly slowly match is being one sided game so just see it will complete today or tomorrow. Now its reaches 5988. only 12 remaining.

Santosh Kumar Singh


Now only eleven required to cross 5000. Here I sees 4989 registered as at 12.10 PM on 29th December.So before 2010 it will cross 5000.

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:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
This is like a running commentary of a test match between India and England and Rahul Dravid on crease to bat !!!!

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