Friends.....actually I wanted to submit it as an article. But couldn't. So, am sharing this information with you people. It's sure, it will help at least a few people. :) :) :) But everyone can do this exercise to prevent our eyes from blurred vision.
Last September, something happened to my eyes suddenly and within 1 month, I couldn't even lift my eyes to view people in my front. Also, was not able to get vision of the extremes. I thought, am losing my vision for ever. Also severe headache and feeling of dizziness and vomiting even if I read for just 5 minutes....I felt, my world is going to end. I scared a lot.
I went to an eye hospital and found that, not eye power is the problem though my left eye has 0.25 difference. It's eye convergence problem. i.e. My eyes were not able to converge images to 1. Even at a distant of 20-25 cms, images appear two instead of one.
Doctor gave me a simple exercise to do continuously for 2-3 months and gave a lubricant also, that I use everyday now also.

Just sit somewhere when you are in relaxed mood.....early morning is the best time. Take a pencil/pen and place it an arm length vertically, just in front of your eyes. Move it slowly towards your eyes and concentrate both eyes towards the pencil. Do it just 15-20 times everyday. Even 5-10 times is a good exercise, that you can do it in a while. It took a lot of strain while i started, but felt comfortable after some days and slowly seen signs of improvement.

That's why am working in forum.......though I can't read less spaced words for a long time till now...
Only before 3 months, i could read magazines and newspapers without strain.
You can do it even if you have no problem with your eyes. That's why am sharing it with you people. hoping it may be helpful at least for a few persons here

Meera sandhu
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