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  • Re: Babies born in test tubes!

    by » 9 years ago

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    I think, this is not bad thing. These are science's great innovation. And this is useful for human being.

    Be positive

  • Re: Babies born in test tubes!

    by » 9 years ago

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    The process starts with full consent of the parents even if the sperm donor is not the husband. But its mostly in cases where the husband's medical conditions don't permit him to donate his sperms for his child. Sperm donors are also coming up now that is also depicted in the movie "Vicky Donor".

    Live in the present :)

  • Re: Babies born in test tubes!

    by » 9 years ago

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    sarala wrote:
    But test tube baby is not the own baby. I mean to say, if husband and wife are not able give birth to a baby then in the procedure of the test tube, some others sperm will be used. So the baby is not born through them, it is of some other person. so I have seen many cases people didnt prefer testutbe process. They are ready to be without child but they dont what child with others people sperm.

    Sarala, actually in a test tube, only in extremely rare cases, sperms belonging to other people are used. For developing test tube babies, the sperm of the father is used, only when there is a problem in sperm production of the father, then sperm donors are sought after! So saying the baby is not born from original father's sperm is wrong information.

    Kalayani what you said may be true. One of my aunt has no kids, she consulted doctor for testube baby. Doctor has informed her that they will get sperms from some one. she didnt like it. so with draw her proposed

    Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

  • Re: Babies born in test tubes!

    by » 8 years ago

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    If some one has no issue I think there should be no problem to get the baby by this method.

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