When I thought of learning 3d Studio max, I approached a reputed computer educational institute and enquired about the course fee and the duration, the director of the institute said, the charges will be Rs. 50000 and the duration of the course is 6 months.. I felt the charges are high and the duration unreasonable.

I went straight to a book stall invested Rs. 2000 and bought 2 volumes of " Teach yourself 3ds max" and started working on 3dsmax.. With the books I bought and with the help of free tutorials on 3dsmax on the net, I gained proficiency in 3dsmax.in a span of 7 months.

Since then, i learned different skills in art and music with the help of "How to books". I not only saved a lot of money,but was able to know beyond the standard syllabi framed by the commercial computer institution
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