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images 1prior to i gratify your quest as to why i dream of becoming the  Indian ambassador to South korea , let us travel back in time  , to January 26 , 2010  when the korean President Lee visited India to grace its Republic day , or, even further back to february 2006 when the Indian President Dr. Kalam visited Republic of korea to launch Joint Task Force , both of these owe their origin to 1950 -1953 , when Indian Prime minister Nehru did sow the seed of comradeship with  Rok by mediating in the korean war.This has also acted as a launchpad to the deepened political understanding , inter-cultural respect and economic tirs between these two like minded nations.

Unknown to all the aforementioned facts , seven years back i first set my feet on korean land , i clearly remember someone shouting - "  we are finally at Seoul Inchron International Airport " , which restored my consciousness. Stupefyingly , along my line of sight was not an only an airport , but a hotel , movie theatre , eco garden, ice skating rink , all luxuries combined in one.Welcomed by amazement , i was sure about more surprises , ahead.

Although after giving effect to all my tasks , I paid loveable visits to "Big Bird " stadium ( being a football lover )  and Jeongu Hanok village to understand the rich korean culture , yet the most remarkable visit was to the Market of markets - the Gwangjang market , its food section located amidst , was characterised by steaming and fashioned alike looking foodstalls , the dishes ranged from sizzling bulgogs , spicy chicken soup to korean barbecue , all dictated the rich korean food culture.

An unique happening , associated to this place , took while ( as i am a peddler ) i was revolving around the handicraft stalls , and a beautiful Buddha statue came in my sight , with all the intentions to buy i was barred by the price tag .Undoubtedly , the shopkeeper understood everything and persuasively sold it to me at a low price saying that it was mera a replica of the original statue .After two months , i came back India and one of my friends dealing in such goods revealed its originality, that is when i comprehended the inter- cultural respect and love between two nations.

I paid my final visit to Seoraksan National Park marked by rocky hills draped in snow blanket , the canopy of Peak trees  appearing like pillars of the forest  and jewel blue streams of lakes , relentless in musical chorus, indeed another " Eden Garden."

The Republic of korea and India , in a dark and stifling atmosphere of global flux  , have brought fesh air and sunlight  , premising on shared visions of global peace and security.Thus to further  enstrengthen this bond , i wish to become Indian ambassador to South korea.


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