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Income tax returns (ITR) filing is an intimidating task for just about everyone. Because you know that the slightest mistake at your end could land you in trouble with the Income Tax department – scary thing, right!! Along with that, there’s this ocean of data that needs to be filled in, coupled with cumbersome terminologies.

Out of the two methods available to people today, for filing their ITR, filing returns via the internet (online) has been on the rise, lately. The pretty obvious reason being the conventional offline route wherein you have to be physically present at the office of the Income Tax department and go through all the processes manually, is an extremely tedious process. Moreover, offline filing also involves a lot of paperwork and going through layers of bureaucracy; hence, more and more people are inclining towards the online method.

And then there are those, albeit a very small chunk, who like to have control over every aspect of their finances and do the return filing process themselves. They understand the need to know where their money is going and prefer to manage every aspect of it themselves. But even these people are not know-it-alls and sometimes require external help. The technical jargons and multitude of information required can get overwhelming. Which is why most people take the help of professionals [like chartered accountants] to help them with the process.

So, in order to help such people and anyone else who’s looking for a guide to help them through the e-filing process, the following step-by-step process will come handy. (Anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to go through the entire post, this should also be helpful.) to know more about how can I file feel free to read this step by step guide with examples. 






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