Reality of sex

Properties of materials are different to each other due to numbers of electrons present in atom. Exactly instinct and habit or character or behavior or conceptions upon life of men/ women are different because numbers of complexes prominent in mind flow beginning from childhood. Electrons are negative, but these are base for recognize and utilization of material is the meaning of creation. Without electrons, proton is vain. Existence, consciousness and happiness are positive for man, and angry, sex, malice, affection, wants, ego, greedy, inferiority, deceives, retaliate etc. are negative or complexes for man. Therefore without complexes act in life is also charmless or stagnant.

Outside impulses help to develop the consciousness slowly from very childhood and growing consciousness help to acquire the knowledge both natural and manmade social laws for survival is the continuous process of human being. Survival is inner urge of every one. That means without knowledge one become foolish. Fruit of knowledge is intelligence. Intelligence has two aspects, one is positive and other is negative. That means intelligence and foolishness are colored by complexes. It is clear that everyone can be colored by complexes; but trapped by complexes one become foolish or repulsion intelligent. 

Flow of mind is the combination of foolishness, positive intelligence or negative intelligence. Foolishness and negative intelligence both are ignorance. Without higher consciousness one become ignorance by impact of complexes. Complexes can be utilized by having higher consciousness. We need religion and positive environment for feeling higher consciousness.

How complexes act in temperament stage – we may take sex complex. Man belongs to mammal group because of her/his productive organs .Productive organs are working through various hermon,but appetite of sex comes to mind by stimulated of opposite sex orally,physically,beauty,gesture,hits,muscle,walking,signal,dressing impulses : then sex organs are working.Sex is part of life for mainly stand for generation, but in other view, it is using for sex satisfaction. We are feeling sex satisfaction by following helps.

1-Sex organs and sex appetite.

 A-Sex appetite comes from environment or physical growth or spontaneously from previous sex related memory. However, sex appetite cannot longer without healthy sex organ and jubilant mood. Healthy sex organ and jubilant mood sustains from good diet ,exercise and self management, good diet comes from money ,money comes from well acquisition, well acquisition creates from attraction intelligence, attraction intelligence comes from academic facilitation and perpetual religion goading, proper academic facilitation and perpetual religion goading comes from Ideal Governance and perpetual thought preachers.


B- Sex organs are created by God and giving appetite to feeling sex satisfaction Thanks God for giving scope to feeling various satisfaction throughout the life .Continuous feeling of sex satisfaction by making well acquisition with complying the code of civilization is depend upon own life conception ,which coming from goading of own community’s preacher. Conception of life leading to goal of life .Goal of life is to know eternal knowledge means feeling happiness with feeling various material (like – food taste, luxurious amusement, building, respect, dignity, fame, name, slumber sleep, post etc and physical satisfaction.


C-When sex complex completely trapped to consciousness, one becomes passionate sex hankering mood.


D-Then it is clear that passionate hankering sex satisfaction deviate from goal of life as well as continuous feeling of material and physical various satisfactions. 


E-This is one of cause that generally youths are deviated from making well profession and creating sexual violence in the society , and sometimes aged people are also deviated from their social responsibility and creating domestic violence.

2- May take other inferiority complex- Exactly inferiority complex makes one coward, fearful, backward and less confidence in every work, for which one become foolish and poor.

Complexes are the vital role to coloring the life for amusement along with help to proceeding the life towards goal, for which one is attached with play of life in up and down situation in the earth. 

Simultaneously complexes are provoking one to become foolish or repulsion intelligent means trapped by one or more complexes.

Academic streams and spiritual centres are the man making factories, and perpetual teachers, professors and preachers are the facilitators for making attraction intelligent man. More attraction intelligent people taking part in every field of society would establish humanity, justice, liberty and creating more employment. Therefore, all youths have must duty to support leadership of attraction intelligent in every field of society.


Madhu Sudana Parida 

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