3 years ago

As we all are well aware of the current situation of pandemic going on the spread of coronavirus is still increasing day by day. We need to be safe and protected from the deadly virus for our and everyone else’s sake. The Covid-19 pandemic led to the closure of the schools, offices, coaching classes and almost all the major sectors of the economy. But that doesn't mean that it should hinder our work process.

As we are living in the modern era, we have enough resources to continue our work routines even without going to the office, colleges or schools. Even during the pandemic, education has not stopped because of E-learning. Virtualization has several benefits. The businesses related companies are still able to conduct meetings, seminars etc. with the help of Virtualization, which also helps in maintaining the budget as it's cost-free.

We’ve got many platforms, which are free and can provide these facilities. Some popular platforms commonly used are - Zoom, Microsoft teams, Google Meeting, etc. For example- Many Universities in India has created their own E-learning platforms which allows the teacher to interact with the students which made the teaching process seamless and smooth even when they’re working from home, and it is a great success. Be it the students, teacher or employees working for a corporate office everybody can be in their own comfort zone and work due to the flexibility.

But as we know with pros there come cons. As virtualization provides us with many facilities it has some disadvantages too. Whether the office, school or college – the environment plays a major role. It is a bit hard for teachers or staff managers to monitor the progress and performance without them being in the same place.

In my opinion, this pandemic has given us the gist of how the virtual world operates. But not all have been trained to work with today’s technology. The employees or the teachers close to their retirements face problems working online with the same efficiency. We directly can’t shift to the virtual world. It’ll take some time. I’ll like to conclude by saying that – Yes, we have arrived in the virtual world but it’s the need of the time. Nothing is wrong with it. In fact, we should try to take make the best possible out of it that’s how we humans grow. 

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