today when we see the history of our motherland India we can find a great sacrifices made by the people from every walk of life for a cause of this punya Bhoomi (Holy Land). Some of the great freedom fighters of India Bhagat Singh Chandrashekhar Azad and many more but still many of them are unknown to I am going to give a glimpse of the sacrifices made by a great warrior of Arunachal Pradesh ,The sun rising state of India, who his last breathe at cellular Jail of Andaman and Nicobar Island of for the sake of his motherland. To whom if we salute hundred times is also very less as I feel.

the British policy of expansion head also its impact on the Himalayan state Arunachal Pradesh during their colonialism. In 1900s the British where did on the move of the expedition towards ADI region. Noel Williamson a British servant first posted in Sadiya as an assistant political officer. In 1905 , the political officer Noel Williamson had gathered many variable information from the local people. Now it was 1911 that the officer williamson I was returning from his travel from upper siang and reached kebang village. After reaching their official Williamson was heading to meet the leaders of kebang village. The ADIS we are looking at him as if they would kill him. he requested them to give permission to enter the futher regions of ADIS but wouldn't persuade them to give him the permission. Noel Williamson was asked to move back as the area was too dangerous for him but he refused to obey the words of ADIS which then led to a vast misunderstanding among them. Matmur Jamoh , a man who had tremendous strength and boldness had killed the officer williamson in 1911 as he did not want the Britishers to let destroy the heritage and peace of his village. He did not want to have interference to his soil and his people's daily life. His followers who had learnt from Jamoh that never to be under the domination of anyone who had taken the freedom from others. On 31st March 1911, Jamoh was soon arrested by Britishers and sent to a jail in Andaman and Nicobar Islands where he died in obscurity.

He was the freedom fighter of Arunachal Pradesh and his name will always be attached to the heart of all Arunachali.


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