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Using your Credit Card safely


Cybercrimes and Internet bugs has been upsetting public for their security issues. By being a little more careful, it can totally be outdone. Credit cards are used to pay for purchases without the need of cash or cheques. It is pre-limited and can be paid later just like short term loans. Getting more digital savvy can help us be at the safe side. In this essay we will discuss how to protect ourself from Internet Fraudulence.


Wipe out the information

If you receive any email or SMS regarding your card being used by someone else, contact the organization immediately and for additional security block your card. Rip off all your ATM slips and cancelled cheques that hold your data. Don’t forget to “Factory Reset” your old phone before disposing it.


Be Tech-shrewd

Make sure the websites you choose for payment are authorized and benign. Change your passwords frequently and use dissimilar secret codes for different websites for your provisional security. Be aware of skimming.




                         ConfusedShare your pin          anguishedClick on suspicious websites

                         disappointed_relievedShare your card         hushedUse one card for all purchases


In conclusion, the hacks presented suggest that by wiping away the information and getting more tech-savvy can aid us from Internet Fraudulence.

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