2 years ago

When life is filled only with troubles and problems, you feel now nothing is in living, better to die, think again what's in death, life makes everyone cry some of them fail to cope and go for suicide. 

At least once such a situation comes in front of everyone, when we do not get what we want and lose what we have, we get surrounded by problems and when such situation persists for a long time, who would like to live at that time and if loses hope then he/she will think of suicide. Usually this time question arises "what is there in life?", " Why live?", "what's the reason for living? "

A long time ago, my friend texted me, at that time I was very upset because I did not get the life I dreamed of, lost what I had and I got tired of hoping. That time I saw her text, she said now I want to die cos my family are getting my engagement done with someone else then I told you're not getting a person of your desire but I am not getting the whole life of my desire. By knowing my condition she felt better then before. After that I felt to do suicide, same questions also came in my mind that time I asked back questions and I got all my answer. Only need is to ask back question. 

Ask back question, what is kept in death? Maybe in future something big has kept for you. Why to die? If remain alive maybe you reach to any conclusion. What's the reason to die? You have nothing today maybe tomorrow have everything. If we think it's wrong to live, then we should think whether it is right to die. 

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