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gautam budha was born at lumbini, more than 2,500 years ago. he was from a royal family, being a son of a ruler of the sakya tribe and he had every comfort that all looks for. yet, gautam was unhappy. he was searching for more and questioned many things he saw and was not able to accept blindly. he was greatly pained by sickness and poverty all around him. he wanted to know, why there was so much sorrow in their world. one night, leaving a wife and a son sleeping, he shipped out of his place that to never return. he dressed up as a common man and set out in search of the truth. he wondered for almost six long years. one day, when he was sitting under the peephal three mediating, sudden enlightenment came to him. he releasied that sorrow in the world was cause by greed and selfishness. he began to assress a religion called buddhism based on non-violence and truth. within a span of time, he got a largefollowing and to this day, buddhist monk spread his words. since, than countless people were unfluenced by him.

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