MBA today has become almost as ordinary as a graduation degree. Only difference being those students who get their degrees from world-class institutes like Wharton, LSE, IIM, XLRI, INSEAD etc.
But a degree which is gaining more importance worldwide and nationwide is CFA from CFA institute in USA...not from ICFAI. The later is said to have from preference than the former with recruiters nowadays and even a healthy pay package. Only problem is the pass rate which is a little below 40%. There are three levels- I, II, III. And payment for course is quite high, supposedly around 2lacs for all three,given you can pass each level at one go.

This discussion will be very helpful if existing CFA's or people who know them can shed some light regarding the study process and how you get the job once the course is done. It is said that you can start doing a job even once you have cleared level I. But how far is this true in India?
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