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  • Re: It's a Matter of Five Minutes!!

    by » 8 years ago

    Gulshan Kumar Ajmani
    Editor & Super Moderator
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    LOL, some even make it Two minutes ! One of my relative always says, will be there in two minutes and turns up after 30 minutes, sometimes this can be very annoying and lesser said about the ladies the better !

    It is really an annoying trait and Indians are notorious for this trait, when we used to have our English clients over and any one of us happened to say "will take just about 5 minutes' or similar, they were always ready to quip 'how long will those 5 minutes be?' :laugh: :laugh:

    Why not straight away say that they will take 30 minutes instead of giving false information. We had the most annoying experience once when we were going to Tirupathy ...we were supposed to join up with some friends who were driving from Chennai and meeting at the bottom of the hill. We reached there and called them and he said they were very close should be there in 15 minutes, no sign of them even after 30 minutes and called again, no response, so we called their home number just to ask what time they left and we had the shock of our life when the persons mother picked up and said that they had left after we had called them ...Can you imagine how angruy we were.They might have been genuinely delayed, so why not say that instead of lying ! They reached after 3 hours giving a lame excuse the tyre got punctured blah blah...Such things can even spoil your relationship with a person when it goes too far ..

    I am disgusted with this habit of some. In some cases, I plainly tell these persons that I do not rely on their sense of time.

    G. K. Ajmani Tax consultant

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