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This was my 1st ever drive in my friend’s car. We were in 1st year of Bachelors Of Commerce.

I was amazed by the experience of fast cars. My friend was perfect on the car. Drifting and spinning his car at top speed was so easy for him.

I asked my dad if I could learn how to drive.

His yes to my question sounded like a new achievement. My dad had two cars; hatchback, which was a Swift & the second one was a sedan which

was a Civic. Dad used to drive his Civic to office & Swift used to just be parked inside the building compound.

He usually allowed me to drive when we got back from a party late at night or on a Sunday. I thought how I could learn this way? Going to a

driving school to learn was a No No for me as it would be so boring.

I had to think of a new idea to learn how to drive. I was happy that the car I had to learn driving on was a hatchback so it would be easy for

me to handle the car. One day when dad was in office, mom was at her kitty party, I took

that courage to pick the car key. I managed to take a small drive in my area. It was a good drive. I had

to learn more, I had to get more confident and perfect. Six months later, Vroom!! I drove at high speed with total control at

carter road, Bandra. My friends were happy and excited to see me drive, they had no idea I was learning to drive.

Kia was standing with my friends; I met her a few months back at a friend’s birthday party. Kia was a basketball champ, her team had won

the basketball tournament against my friends team (that friend was from my group). My friend thought of being friends with her & getting

her in our group. He introduced himself & congratulated her for the win. It was his

birthday after two days, so he invited her too for the party. He thought he would introduce her to the group.

She came for the party & I was flattered looking at her. She was beautiful, her long curly hair made me go crazy.

Few days passed and she became close to Dev, one of my very good friends. I thought they might be in a relationship; I didn’t bother, but

I had a crush on her. I kept it a secret. cont....chap 2

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