I have request to all members, at the moment we can see user poezhang posting spam content into many old threads. Even if you see such old threads being brought up by this spammer, please do not comment on those threads. I will lock them as I see them but do not post anything in those threads. I have tried blocking this user but doubt if it will work. He might return under new username. So please do not reply to such posts.


"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

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Which is the best Contest In bodduan ?

There are many contest in bodduna, which one you like .. vote it .....
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[{"id":"20711","title":"Boddunan Revenue Sharing Program","votes":"33","type":"x","order":"0","pct":31.73,"resources":[]},{"id":"20712","title":"Member of the Week Contest","votes":"14","type":"x","order":"0","pct":13.46,"resources":[]},{"id":"20713","title":"Group Discussion Contest","votes":"13","type":"x","order":"0","pct":12.5,"resources":[]},{"id":"20714","title":"Daily top voter award","votes":"32","type":"x","order":"0","pct":30.77,"resources":[]},{"id":"20715","title":"Daily top commenter award","votes":"3","type":"x","order":"0","pct":2.88,"resources":[]},{"id":"20716","title":"Daily Forum Activatior award","votes":"4","type":"x","order":"0","pct":3.85,"resources":[]},{"id":"20717","title":"Caption Writing Contest","votes":"1","type":"x","order":"0","pct":0.96,"resources":[]},{"id":"20718","title":"Weekend Special Contest!","votes":"4","type":"x","order":"0","pct":3.85,"resources":[]}] ["#ff5b00","#4ac0f2","#b80028","#eef66c","#60bb22","#b96a9a","#62c2cc"] ["rgba(255,91,0,0.7)","rgba(74,192,242,0.7)","rgba(184,0,40,0.7)","rgba(238,246,108,0.7)","rgba(96,187,34,0.7)","rgba(185,106,154,0.7)","rgba(98,194,204,0.7)"] 350
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