jafferma user id has joined under my referral link but it is not showing under my referrals so can webmaster please check it and ell me what is the problem behind this?
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  • Re: Referals are not coming under my referal link?

    by » 12 years ago

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    Hi Soubhagya,

    Can you please check once again now. We have just now performed the cleanup of referrals and created the fresh reports.

    Please note that referral bonus will be credited only when the user activated his/her account. Earlier our system was used give credit to all referrals even if they are not activated or they are blocked. We have removed such referrals and only credited to the ones who are active.

    - Maverick

    When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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