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In this post, I will try to explain how you can ad Adsense or any other advertiser code in blogs.

(If you do not have a blog yet, go ahead and register to get a new Wordpress powered blog. Its free.)

Step 1:
Go to your dashboard by pointing your browser to your dashboard URL. Add wp-admin at the end of your blog url to get into your dashboard.

Step 2:
Click on Ads and add the code. You can add as many ads as you want. Once you save your ads you can view the list of ads you saved in the same page.

Step 3:
Now go to Appearance->Widgets
Here you can add widgets that appear on your blog. Select "Advertisement" widget with your mouse and drag it into available positions. The number of available positions are based on the template you choose for your blog.

Now your add will be shown.

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